ISO Audits and Maintenance

ISO Audits and Maintenance

Oh No! We have an external audit next week!

Anyone who spends time in and around business people hears this plaintive cry usually as an excuse for not delivering something to a colleague or worse still a customer. At Hawkstone Consulting we see things differently and we would not expect our clients to be thrown off balance by an upcoming external audit. Having implemented systems and processes which have sign-on across the business we see the external audits as an opportunity to consolidate improvements and identify areas where we can move the business forward.

Hawkstone Fixed Price Annual Maintenance and Audit

We offer a fixed price annual maintenance and audit service which ensures that you continue to enjoy the benefits of ISO certification. For small businesses within our normal operating area the annual fee can be as low as £595. For larger organisations and where extensive travel is required we will be pleased to provide you with a competitive quotation.

A complete Range of Annual Maintenance and Audit services

We can provide any combination of the following activities in order to provide an independent, objective service that will continually improve your systems, business performance and customer satisfaction:-

  • Internal audits: Preparation of the annual audit schedule; Completion of your internal audits; Preparation of audit reports; Recording and follow up of audit nonconformities and observations

  • Management Review: Running your management review and preparation of the notes

  • Documentation: Update of your policies and management system documentation

  • Legislation updates: Advice on changes to legislation and updates to legal registers

  • Environmental Aspects: Reviews and updates of environmental aspects and impacts

  • Hazards and risks: Reviews and updates of health and safety hazards and risks

  • External Certification Body Visits: Dealing with your external certification body and attendance at the external audits; resolving any external audit recommendations

  • Measurement: collection of data; measurement of performance; updates and reporting of your key performance indicators

  • Unlimited advice and support: we will provide unlimited advice and support as part of all out annual maintenance activities

All of our annual maintenance activities and audits are undertaken by fully experienced and qualified members of our team. Our team are qualified lead auditors, registered with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). You can check our credentials at (for example type in “Malcolm Seaton” in the “Find an Auditor” search).

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The Inside View from Malcolm Seaton

It is becoming increasingly difficult for local businesses to be win work unless they have ISO certification from a UKAS accredited organisation. Many of our Clients start the quality journey with tender and contract compliance as their only objective. But, the benefits of ISO certification lead to quality, environmental and financial improvements and enable business owners to take a more structured and controlled approach to the management of change. Working with you to achieve a UKAS accredited ISO certification is our area of expertise. No false starts, no dead ends, just efficient and effective working in partnership to ensure a great result.

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