Experts in achieving UKAS accredited EN 1090 certification

EN 1090 Factory Production Control Systems

The UK “Construction Products Regulations” require all fabricated structural steelwork to be ‘CE marked’. In order to be able to “CE mark” the steelwork, fabricators must implement a factory production control system that meets the requirements of the EN1090 Standard and must be satisfactorily audited by a UKAS accredited Notified Body.

EN 1090 – “Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components”

Hawkstone Consulting provides consultancy to take fabricators through to full UKAS accredited EN 1090 certification. Our experience of EN 1090 factory production control systems ensures that we will guide you along the optimum route to full UKAS accredited certification. We will provide you with a simple factory production control system so that you will obtain the benefit of EN 1090 certification without introducing needless bureaucratic procedures.

Importance of UKAS accredited EN 1090 certification

Within the UK, the CE mark can only be applied to structural steel after EN1090 certification by a UKAS accredited Notified Body. So there is no option to use a non-UKAS body to carry out your factory production control system audit. We can help you find the most suitable, cost effective Notified Body to carry out your audit after we have helped you implement your factory production control system.

EN 1090 -  the Business Case

EN 1090 certification will ensure that you can legally manufacture and sell fabricated structural steel products. So if you want to start manufacture these products or already manufacture them but don’t have EN1090 certification, Hawkstone Consulting can help ensure that you can provide these products and, thereby, help with future growth and success of your business.

The Hawkstone Consulting EN 1090 interactive management system

We can provide you with an interactive, integrated EN 1090 factory production control system which enables you to meet all EN 1090 requirements. Our consultancy typically includes the following:-

  • ISO 9001Preparation of the EN 1090 factory production control system
  • ISO 9001Training from our expert EN 1090 consultants to show how to use the system and to explain exactly what to do to achieve EN 1090 certification
  • ISO 9001Consultancy support if needed


You can download an example extract from one of our management systems using the link on the Hawkstone Consulting home page.

If you would like to see some example excerpts from the EN 1090 management system, such as the main menu contents, process flow charts, contract review checklist, quality plan, factory route card or interactive forms please email us or phone us.

The Inside View from Malcolm Seaton

Having worked as a Management Consultant for 20 years I am in daily discussions with business owners and leaders regarding current issues and challenges. Post the credit crunch, cuts in government spending will impact on private business and competition will increase. If you are not an ISO 9001 registered business, or if your ISO 9001 is not UKAS accredited, now is the time to take action. With hundreds of ISO 9001 projects successfully completed we can ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from ISO 9001-2008 and we have a reputation for ensuring that you will not be left with a bureaucratic system which swallows up resources.

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