Experts in achieving UKAS accredited ISO14001 certification

ISO 14001-2015 UKAS Accredited Environmental Management System (EMS)

We provide an expert and personal service which will take you through to full UKAS accredited ISO 14001-2015 certification. Our track record of successful client ISO 14001-2015 Environment Management System (EMS)certifications, across a wide range of business sectors, ensures that we will guide you along the optimum route to full UKAS accredited certification. Our extensive experience in implementing ISO 14001-2015 ensures that you will obtain the maximum benefits of ISO 14001-2015 certification without introducing needless bureaucratic procedures.

If you already have an ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system, we will help you upgrade it to meet the requirements of the 2015 version of the Standard. Our consultants are IRCA lead auditor qualified for the 2015 version of the Standard

The Hawkstone Consulting ISO 14001-2015 interactive management system

We can provide you with an interactive, integrated ISO 14001-2015 environmental management system which enables you to meet all ISO 14001-2015 requirements. Our consultancy typically includes the following:-

  • ISO 14001Preparation of the ISO 14001-2015 environmental management system
  • ISO 14001Training from our expert ISO 14001-2015 consultants to show how to use the system and to explain exactly what to do to achieve ISO 14001-2015 certification
  • ISO 14001Consultancy support if needed

You can download an example extract from one of our management systems using the link on the Hawkstone Consulting home page.

If you would like to see some example excerpts from the ISO 14001 management system, such as the main menu contents, process flow charts, aspects register, legal register or interactive forms please email us or phone us.


Importance of UKAS accredited ISO14001-2015 certification

In many cases, only a UKAS accredited ISO 14001-2015 environment management system, as delivered by Hawkstone Consulting, is formally recognised when tendering or seeking approved contractor status to Government organisations, Utility and Blue Chip companies. Accredited ISO 14001-2015 certification, in addition to meeting contractual requirements, also brings a range of significant benefits to your business when properly implemented.

ISO 14001-2015 EMS the Business Case

Many organisations issuing tenders or contracts require or highly value businesses who can demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation and sustainable working practices through ISO 14001-2015 certification. In addition to gaining preferred status for contracts and tenders, here at Hawkstone Consulting we focus on providing you with an environmental management system which creates wider financial, behavioural and cultural benefits :-

  • ISO 14001Win more business due to having a UKAS Accredited ISO 14001-2015 system
  • ISO 14001Customer perception of your business is increased
  • ISO 14001Increases staff awareness of environmental good practice
  • ISO 14001Facilitates compliance with environmental legislation
  • ISO 14001Significantly reduces risk of an environmental incident and liability
  • ISO 14001Reduces energy and water costs due to sustainable working practices
  • ISO 14001Reduces generation of waste and associated cost of waste

ISO 14001-2015 Recognised by Business & Government Agencies

The ISO 14001-2015 environmental management system certification which Hawkstone Consulting will help you achieve will be UKAS Accredited. This is important as the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the accreditation body recognised by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. A UKAS accredited system demonstrates that your ISO 14001-2015 certification has been thoroughly and independently audited and approved. Some ISO 14001-2015 certification bodies are not accredited by UKAS. You should be aware that these non-UKAS certification bodies are often not acceptable to major work providers. UKAS accreditation should be considered to be of utmost importance.

The Hawkstone Customer Experience

Here at Hawkstone Consulting we have fully experienced and qualified consultants and trainers.We have completed projects in businesses which vary in size from 2 to 6,000 people, single site and multi-site service businesses, large construction contractors, local government organisations through to small care homes, IT providers, training providers and manufacturing businesses. Our client feedback is excellent. An example is shown here and further examples can be viewed on our Testimonials page.

"Hawkstone and Malcolm were recommended to us by ConstructionSkills and we have been working with him since 2008. Malcolm is great to work with and is always pragmatic and realistic in his approach. With Malcolm's help, we have achieved and are maintaining ISO 9001 and 14001; ISO 45001 and Investors in People. I would recommend Malcolm to any company looking to secure ISO and IIP accreditation."

Angela Mansell
Operations Director
Mansell Finishes Limited

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Our major source of new client is through recommendation. Our Client list is large and diverse. Call us today and we will be happy to give our advice on the best way forward on your ISO or IIP accreditation. Choosing Hawkstone Consulting will ensure success, our results speak for themselves.

The Inside View from Malcolm Seaton

Environmental issues are a major political and business issue. One only has to look at the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill to see the far reaching safety and financial impact of an environmental incident. Less spectacular environmental issues are also vitally important for business. The cost of vehicle fuel, utility costs, compliance with complex environmental legislation are just some examples.

ISO 14001 is now firmly established as an international standard. Getting your business up to speed on environmental issues and establishing a proactive approach to sustainable working makes good business sense. ISO 14001 is, in my view, essential for all established and up and coming businesses.

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