Experts in achieving Investors in People Recognition

The route to Investors in People Recognition

Here at Hawkstone Consulting we have taken over 200 organisations along the route to Investors in People (IiP) recognition. Each journey to Investors in People (IiP) recognition is unique. Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to achieve your business objectives through the Investors in People implementation and recognition process. We focus on what you want your business to deliver. Through Investors in People we align team working, the development of individuals and the creation of a can-do culture to achieve your objectives.

Investors in People standard was developed during the recession of the early 1990's and will be a catalyst for re-energising your business culture and retaining your best people, benefits that are once again required in the current economic climate.

Investors in People and Hawkstone Consulting

Hawkstone Consulting have an in-depth experience of Investors in People and ISO standards and in helping businesses resolve key issues. In fact, we were involved in the pilot work to develop the Investors in People Standard in 1990. In implementing Investors in People we have a ‘results focused’ approach, based on experience and creativity. Optimising performance, behaviours and culture through the involvement of management and staff, gaining the commitment of people at all levels and ensuring training is delivered where required are key to maximising the benefits of Investors in People.

Investors in People (IiP) the Business Case

Customers assessing tenders or contracts will score highly those organisations who have Investors in People recognition. Investors in People recognition demonstrates a commitment to quality of service through a forward looking team of people and a culture of continual improvement. It is our experience of over 20 years that Investors in People recognised organisations, large and small, can demonstrate and measure improvements in a number of areas, including :-

  • Investors In People Increased profit
  • Investors In People Improved financial management
  • Investors In People Culture of continuous improvement
  • Investors In PeopleImproved retention of key employees
  • Investors In People Higher customer satisfaction
  • Investors In People Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Investors In People Greater ability to cope with forced and planned change
  • Investors In People Ongoing development of the business

Investors in People competitive Advantage and Recognition

From corporate level clients through to individual customers, having the Investors in People logo in your place of business, the web, vehicles and stationary creates a positive impact on their decision to purchase. Implemented properly and maintained through time, the Investors in People "effect" on customer service and product quality will also put you ahead of your competitors. Longer term, the ability to cope with change and generate business development suggestions at all levels of the business creates the right conditions for profitable business growth into the future.

The Hawkstone Customer Experience

Here at Hawkstone Consulting we have fully experienced and qualified consultants and trainers. We have completed projects in businesses which vary in size from 2 to 6,000 people, single site and multi-site service businesses, large construction contractors, local government organisations through to small care homes, IT providers, training providers and manufacturing businesses. Our client feedback is excellent. An example is shown here and further examples can be viewed on our Testimonials page.

Malcolm Seaton was extremely professional and showed a considerable understanding of the Chamber of Commerce and its progress. His recommendations will help us to continually improve our organisation.

Alan Welsh
Office Manager
North And Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

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Our major source of new client is through recommendation. Our Client list is large and diverse. Call us today and we will be happy to give our advice on the best way forward on your Investors in People recognition. Choosing Hawkstone Consulting will ensure success, our results speak for themselves.

The Inside View from Malcolm Seaton

At a time when lending from banks is severely affecting the ability of even well established businesses to operate and grow, and the post-credit crunch economy is restricting spending, we need to look closely at how we can "do more with less". Improving business systems and processes and developing a team who are confident and committed can go a long way to transforming a business. We have all met the employee who does an "ok job" but who has raised thousands for charity or runs a large sports association with flair. Embarking on Investors in People demonstrates the commitment of the business to all stakeholders. Through the Investors in People journey, you will start to gain fuller commitment and discretionary effort across the business. Your people will become more highly motivated, more involved and encouraged to embrace a culture of continual improvement.

Achieving Investors in People recognition will give performance benefits which lessen the effects of economic downturn and set you up to take full advantage of growth opportunities.

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